Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo of the Day-Day 82

Goddess Pendant

I was fooling around with the macro feature on my point & shoot for this photograph. This the necklace I've been wearing daily for at least ten years now. For me, it's the equivalent to the Christian cross or a Star of David that someone would wear as a symbol of their faith. When most people see it, however, religious imagery isn't the first thing they see. I can't even count how many people initially think it's a representation of the female genitalia.

I don't see it.


Exposure: 1/40

Aperture: f2.8

Focal Length: 6.3 mm
ISO: 320
Camera: Sony DSC-W50

Lens: Point & Shoot
Date & Time: 1:51 pm-2/11/10
Posted: 3/24/10