Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photo of the Day-Day 77

Can You Guess What I Am?

I took this photo this afternoon and once I imported the photos to my computer I couldn't figure out the correct orientation. It's one of those random things that look interesting at the time and now I can't remember which way it's supposed to be. I'm almost positive it's not in this direction, but you know what? I don't care. I liked it this way. Voila!


Exposure: 1/30

Aperture: f4.0

Focal Length: 33 mm
ISO: 400
Canon EOS 50D

Lens: EF 28-135mm
Date & Time: 5:42 pm-3/18/10
Posted: 3/18/10

- Strange ((^_~))


Kat said...

OK I give up...Or is it underneath some stairs, looking up at them (then rotated)?

StrangeLilBlackGrl said...

Yep. It's stairs. I looked at it for 10 minutes on the computer and couldn't figure out which way was the top of the stairs so I just rotated the photo on its side.