Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I's free...for now

Um...yeah. So that whole idea of writing and updating this blog 3 times a week hasn’t worked out so well. That last month of the semester kicked my ass. Somehow I managed to survive. I’s free! I said I’s free...until the middle of next month anyway. I’m still waiting on the final grades for 2 of my classes but the breakdown for grades is:

* Sociology 1= "A"

* ISAC 104= "A" (ISAC classes are really history classes,but for some reason, HNU refuses to realize and call them history classes. I always have to explain what an “ISAC” class is)

* Social/Cultural History= "A-"

* ISAC 195W= "B-" (I was sure I was going to get an “A” in this course. It was my senior thesis course and my final paper was pretty damn good if I
say so myself. I’m tempted to email the instructor to find out what
the actual grade for the paper was. The “B-” is for the overall class.

* Dramatic Literature= "B-" (f*ckin' hated this class and the teacher)

* Psych 1B= not sure yet, possibly a “B”

* Political Science 1= not sure yet, possibly another “B”

I did slightly worse than I expected this semester. Towards the very end I just said “f*ck it!” to some of the minor assignments & extra credit. I can only bullsh*t so much in one semester and had reached my limit.

Now that school is over for a few weeks I have no idea what to do with myself. I’m sitting at home after work and it always hits me that I ain’t got sh*t to do. I can’t relax. Of course, two days before classes start up again I’ll finally start relaxing and enjoying my time off. I’ll probably spend most of my time off researching graduate schools. I really would like to find a program that is entirely online, but no luck so far. If I wanted to study something like Business Administration or get a degree more geared towards the corporate world finding an online program would be no problem. Once again, I’ve changed my mind on post undergrad education. As of this writing I have no real idea of what I’m going to be studying in the fall. I can’t quite make up my mind. I originally decided not to apply to SFSU Human Sexuality program and look at other graduate programs. I’m rethinking that decision. If I get accepted the SFSU program that would be great, but I’m still not sure if it’s actually the right path for yours truly. I’ve found myself really drawn to sociology over the past year and am leaning heavily towards pursuing a Masters in Sociology. Don’t worry, dear hearts, I will still be pursuing a career as a Sexual Health Educator. I think the Sociology degree would be really beneficial. I did look into Social Work, but have decided against that after going to an information meeting at one of the local colleges. It’s not for me.

Guess I’ll finally start working on the grad school admissions paperwork. One day I’ll look back on all this and smile...I hope. Or maybe I’ll be drinking in a gutter crying over all the bloody debt I’m incurring, wondering what the hell am I really going to do now that I’ve got PhD after my name.

- Strange ((^_~))