Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo of the Day-Day 51


Once again, I don't know what type of flowers these are. I do know that in reality they were a light purple. I was playing around with the colors in Lightroom 2 and ended up turning from light purple to this blue color. Am I the only person thinking "Avatar," right about now?


Exposure: 1/320

Aperture: f5.6

Focal Length: 135 mm
ISO: 200
Canon EOS 50D

Lens: EF 28-135mm
Date & Time: 11:43 am-2/1/10
Posted: 2/20/10

- Strange ((^_~))


Justin said...

Niiice. I went and checked out some of the other photos you've posted, too. You've got a good eye.