Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Reso...Challenges

It’s that time of year again where we look to shake off the bad of the previous year and welcome the New Year with open arms. ::sings Open Arms by Journey::

It’s also that time of year when many of us make our New Year’s Resolutions. It is always the same resolutions year after year. Quit smoking. Lose weight. Spend more time with the family. Stop watching gay porn at I the only who does that? Usually around mid-January (or February if you’re really strong-willed) when we pick up that nicotine stick or wolf down that 12 piece from KFC, washing it down with a bucket of soda, or slip into the bathroom for a quick sneak peek at the new “Black Inches.”

For 2010, I say no more New Year’s Resolutions!!! They’re useless, a waste of time, and most of us can’t keep them. Let’s try working on some New Year’s Challenges. Resolution sounds so final, concrete. Challenges are more forgiving in my opinion (and it is my blog and my opinion is really the only one that matters). If you succeed, awesome! If you don’t quite finish, at least you tried.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to nurture my creative side. It’s been in hibernation for years and I think it’s time to wake up. My first challenge for 2010 is to develop my photography skills and take one photograph everyday and post it on this here blog. I can read all the books I want, but the only real way to learn is by doing. I find myself carrying a camera around in my purse at all times, but rarely do I actually pull it out and snap a picture. Time to change that.

So, in 2010, what are you challenging yourself to do?

- Strange ((^_~))


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