Sunday, July 12, 2009

I's Gettin' Married!

So, CraigiePoo and I went in for a final dress fittings yesterday morning. The dresses look awesome. I can't believe the wedding is only 7 days away. The months have flown by since that evening in September 2008 when Craigie popped the question. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous or excited and honestly, no, i'm not. Even though it's one week away the wedding still feels very far away. That could be because we had damn near everything already completed by the end of December. So in these last few weeks there hasn't been that overwhelming rush to get everything done. I have yet to have a total Bridezilla freak out moment, although "Alexis" has been slowly but surely pushing me into Bridezilla territory these past couple of days. If I say you should have your dress by April don't come to me in July just now asking about dresses and alterations. And it ain't like I didn't ask her repeatedly "how's the dress hunt going."

Anyhoo, this last week will probably test my patience and see how I really act under pressure. CraigiePoo's family is flying in this Thursday, I have a hair appointment on Thursday, and I also have a Statistics test on Thursday as well. I also think we're having a "favor" party this Thursday as well. Good grief, Thursday alone may have me drinking straight out the bottle.

Ask me on July 17th if i'm nervous or excited and we'll see what my answer is then.