Saturday, July 03, 2010

Photo of the Day-Day 184

Mama's Got a Brand New Toy!

I have, for years, wanted to learn to the guitar. I tried about 10 years ago to learn, enrolled in a class at the community college, and quickly dropped out. The class had damn near 40 people! I need a little bit more one on one than the class allowed. CraigiePoo and I went to the flea market today and I found this beauty. CraigiePoo talked the merchant down from $35 to $30. Add that to the cost of new strings and a tuner, if it doesn't work out this time I've only spent $50.

I'm not quite sure what I should call her. I'm thinking either Blue Bella or Blue Betty. I can't decided. Maybe Bella Bluetone or Betty Blue. I don't know. What y'all think?

Exposure: 1/25
Aperture: f/4.0
Focal Length: 38 mm
ISO: 200
Camera: Canon EOS 50D
Lens: EF 28-135mm
Date & Time: 5:53 pm- 7/3/10
Posted: 7/3/10

- Strange ((^_~))